Sustainability practices at Rosa & Linde   
  In honor of mother earth, I strive to practice as sustainably as possible within every aspect of my small 'business', entailing everything from the beginning to the end in my little production. 
I want to be completely transparent with my work and sustainability practices so that you may know exactly what you are supporting. And so, I have dedicated this page to that insight.

On another note, I always encourage anyone to be mindful of their purchases and to think twice when acquiring new material goods. Select second hand or support artisan handmade when possible. Choose the things that speak to you and which you know will add not only utility or beauty but also beloved value. I thank you deeply for your interest in my jewelry. 

My jewelry is only ever made in small batches to keep up my small stock. This essentially makes for a slower, smaller and more conscious production, avoiding a lot of general waste. 

 In my metalwork, I work mostly with recycled bronze. Choosing recycled reduces the need for the production of new metal and avoids adding to what would otherwise become metal waste – giving it a new and beautiful purpose instead. Bronze, a base metal with its hardy and durable nature, will last a lifetime when loved and tended with the proper care. I include details of solid 9kt gold, a most precious metal, for earrings and source this recycled also, whenever possible. Working with solid metals allow a quality lasting beautifully through time – nothing is plated or can be rubbed off. 

I do a a little woodworking for some of my jewelry. I love taking so called non-precious elements and turning them into something unique and precious. I enjoy exploring different wood species to honor their individual characters and warm tones. Some I collect from piles of would-have-been-firewood, and some I purchase in small quantities from trusted sources. Going forward I hope to find more and mostly repurposed wood to include in my works. I carve these elements very simply and slowly by hand.

I work from my home where the electricity I subscribe to is fully wind-powered. So whenever I use any of my electricity requiring tools in the jewelry making process, their energy footprint is completely driven by – or at least fully compensated with – renewable, green wind-energy. 


Packaging and Shipping 

When packing orders for Rosa & Linde, I strive to only use and reuse materials which are reusable, recyclable, plastic free, and preferably compostable. I often repurpose the packaging I get from suppliers so they may continue in the cycle a little longer as well. I usually leave a note when ordering supplies in an effort to have them shipped to me as sustainably as possible. 

I am currently shipping with PostNord and have yet to find a courier that is more green. You can read more about PostNord's sustainability reports and efforts here and here.


Planting trees and restoring forests with TreeSisters

     I am currently planting ONE tree per product sold on Rosa & Linde and embedding forest restoration through the TreeSisters' Trees for Transactions program. As I hold Mother Earth so dear to my heart, and have always been particularly drawn to trees, this is a very important aspect of my business.


    A note: 

    I am always seeking ways to improve and better any aspect of my business where I can, so that it may be as sustainable as can be. If you have any questions or ideas and input, you are more than welcome to contact me at: 
    Photography by Tobias Nilsson