Sustainability practices at Rosa & Linde   
  In honor of mother earth, I strive to practice as sustainably as possible within every aspect of my small business, entailing everything from the beginning to the end in my little production. 
I want to be completely transparent with my work process and sustainability practices so that you may know exactly what you are supporting. And so I have dedicated this page to that insight.
Most of my jewelry is made to order. This essentially makes for a slower, smaller and more conscious production, avoiding a lot of general waste. My ready to ship pieces are small batch (if not completely one of a kind), unique listings which come to be in creative flows. 

 In my metalwork, I work mostly with recycled bronze. Bronze, a base metal with its hardy and durable nature, will last a lifetime when loved and tended with the proper care.

Currently, I work primarily in metal clay. This is a material which looks, feels and acts very much like earthen clay. However, this clay simply consists of very small metal particles, water and an organic binder. In the words of my supplier, these clays are manufactured from all recycled metals, and the binders are all natural and animal byproduct free. In this process, what might have become metal waste has been avoided and repurposed, limiting the need for the production of new metal.   

Much like with earthen clay, I fire these pieces in a small kiln, which is quite energy efficient. The electricity company I subscribe to is also fully wind-powered, so whenever I use the kiln, its energy footprint is completely compensated with renewable, green wind-energy. I strive to always fill the kiln with as many pieces as possible and to fire continually if I have a lot of orders, so as not to lose the heat already created after a single firing. After having been fired in the kiln, the water and natural binder evaporate, and the pieces are left consisting of solid, reclaimed bronze.


Packaging and Shipping 

When packing orders for Rosa & Linde, I strive to only use and reuse materials which are reusable, recyclable, plastic free, and preferably compostable. I often repurpose the packaging I get from suppliers so they may continue in the cycle a little longer as well. I usually leave a note when ordering supplies in an effort to have them shipped to me as sustainably as possible. 

I am currently shipping with PostNord and have yet to find a courier that is more green. I am aware that it is possible to offset carbon emissions from shipping, and this is something I hope to be looking into when my business has had more time to grow. You can read more about PostNord's sustainability reports and efforts here and here.


Planting trees and restoring our planet with TreeSisters

     I am currently planting ONE tree per product sold on Rosa & Linde and embedding forest restoration through the TreeSisters' Trees for Transactions program. As I hold Mother Earth so dear to my heart, and have always been particularly drawn to trees, this is a very important aspect of my business that I hope to expand upon in the future. 


    Please note: 
    I am always seeking ways to improve and better any aspect of my business where I can, so that it may be as sustainable as can be. If you have any questions or ideas and input, you are more than welcome to contact me at: