Ring sizing

Finding your ring size 

Our ring sizes are simply measured as the circumference in millimeters. 

Two at-home-methods for ring sizing:

  • If you have a ring which already fits, you can measure the diameter of the ring – in mm – and find the circumference, your size, through this equation: circumference = diameter · π
  • Measuring your finger with a piece of non-elastic twine, mark where the ends meet and measure the unfolded length in mm. For example: If the length measured is 55mm then your Rosa & Linde ring size is 55. Please note, that this is not a very precise method, and often people will end up with a bigger size than is true.

Alternatively, you can purchase ring sizers or have your size measured at a local jeweler’s for the most precise measurement.


A note on our sizes

Because all of our jewelry is individually handmade from scratch – meaning there are no pre-manufactured standards – there is a chance that a ring is not perfectly circular. This has very little effect on the wear and fit of the rings, but it does affect the final listed and available size. All ring sizes are thereby marked as approximates ~ and may vary ever so slightly from the written size. This small variation should not make a big difference to the overall fit if you have ordered your true size. 2 \cdot \pi \cdot r