Jewelry care and repairs

Care for your bronze jewelry

 · Daily wear is great for your bronze pieces and will even help them stay beautifully polished. Try to avoid contact with cosmetic products, and optionally, you may wipe off body oils with a natural cloth after wearing.

· Humidity can accelerate oxidization and tarnish (shows as general dullness, discoloration or a turquoise sheen), so keep them in a dry room when not worn and dry well if worn in water.  
· To avoid tarnish further, clean your pieces regularly with warm water and a natural soap. An old toothbrush works perfectly for scrubbing with soap when a deeper clean is needed. Dry them thoroughly.  
· To remove occurring tarnish and refresh your pieces, let them sit in a light vinegar OR in a citric acid, soap and water solution for about a minute. Rinse them well with water and a natural soap. Dry well.   
· Avoid wearing in pools and generally when handling harsher chemicals as these may wear down the metal.   
· Always handle gently and avoid putting your jewelry under unnecessary or heavy pressure. Please avoid disassembling your jewelry (assembled necklaces or earrings with wooden elements).  

If your piece has any non-metal elements (natural thread, wood and so on) never let it submerge in water, but follow the steps including liquids above by soaking the tip of a cloth and applying on metal parts only. 


Wearing bronze

Bronze – which consists mostly of copper – may sometimes leave a dark tint on your skin after wear. This is a completely safe reaction between the copper and your sweat and natural body oils. The tint will soon fade away on its own or it may be (at least partially) removed with warm soap water. It mostly occurs when the bronze has a close proximity to your skin, such as with tight fitted rings, but not as much with loose bracelets or necklaces. If you would like to prevent this reaction, you can simply coat the part of the piece which comes in contact with your skin, using a clear varnish or nail polish. This step may need to be reapplied throughout time. 

Jewelry repairs

Although I do my best to ensure the strength of each and every handmade piece, jewelry is not unbreakable and should always be handled with care. Should your Rosa & Linde jewelry break within its first year since the purchase, I will happily repair it or make a replacement at only the cost of shipping. If more than a year has passed, feel free to get in touch, and we will find a solution together.  

Contact me at including a picture of your jewelry’s broken state and I will get back to you shortly.