Thuja · earrings
Thuja · earrings
Thuja · earrings

Thuja · earrings

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The THUJA earrings 𓆃 made to carry the warm tones and honor the sacred wisdom of trees

The front pieces are sculpted in reclaimed bronze and the wooden elements – of apple and walnut – are carved by hand. The pins, backs and findings are all in solid 9kt gold.

Please note:

Similar pieces or editions of the THUJA earrings may be made, but you will receive the unique pair pictured on this listing. 

As for all of my pieces, this pair has a handmade expression, so expect small 'imperfections' when looking closely.

Please tend to your earrings with the proper care and they may in turn serve you for a lifetime. 

Bronze may sometimes leave a dark tint on your skin after wear. This is a completely safe and natural reaction, which will soon fade away or may be mostly removed with warm soap water.