Hello beautiful people and welcome to my little boutique Rosa & Linde, a small one woman owned business focused on creating slowly handmade adornments with mindful and sustainable intentions. 

I, Laura, am the maker behind all of the products which will be available on this site. I wanted to briefly introduce myself and just write a few of my intentions with Rosa & Linde, so that you may know who you are supporting if you feel drawn to purchase one or some of my makings.

I am a young woman who has always been creatively expressing myself in one way or another. For the last handful of years, I have especially been trying out many different ways of making, however, I wasn't truly caught by most until I stumbled upon jewelry making. And since finding this, everything has fallen so well into place – as I believe life most often will, when one pursues their ideas and ambitions. That I should find this path, which I had never considered before, was truly destined I believe. Now I can only wait, work, trust and see what becomes of it and where this journey will take me. 

I have many plans for Rosa & Linde and I would love to offer more than jewelry in the near future – think adornments for your home. My personal "creative policy" is to only and always create things which bring warmth and purpose. Decorations, whether to be worn or displayed in a home, may not be entirely necessary and seemingly materialistic. However, I do think they are truly essential to make any home inviting and any wearer feel radiant.

Although I think it admirable and absolutely great to cut down on materialistic wants and I believe everyone should be much more mindful of their purchases, we all need at least a handful of material items. And this does not have to be a bad thing – as long as we are careful when choosing who to support when we do need or want something new (and naturally shopping second hand is always a wonderful option). Lastly, I think it is perfectly fine to buy things that you do not need, but simply want, as long as you are mindful when doing so. 

Of course, we all have different tastes, and so I understand not everyone would purchase my works – this would also be difficult for one person to fulfill, so I just think it so beautiful that we may support all kinds of different small businesses. I only want to encourage anyone to find what they love and then support the artists and artisans whose work they feel drawn to. This way we can build a much closer and more meaningful relationship between consumers and businesses. In this day and age we are all consumers, but for the sake of our Earth, let us be mindful consumers and support those who consciously create the things we are looking for. 

I am very careful to always have Mother Earth in mind in every aspect of my life and in my business. I crave a deep connection to nature and feel most at peace when I am in it. Currently I am living in the city of Copenhagen where there are a lot of impressions and inspiration, so I am grateful to be here, but also cannot wait to be living in the countryside, hopefully in a little cottage near the woods with a permaculture garden. Sigh. I am a literal tree hugger and am also a part of the TreeSisters' Trees for Transactions program, currently donating one tree per product sold on Rosa & Linde. You can read more about the ways I work sustainably on this page

Thank you for being here, and know I am truly grateful for your support. Feel free to comment on these blog posts, I would love to engage with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Love, Laura

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